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About us

IM.Tec is in charge of implementing performance improvement processes in the realms of high-tech, finance and trade. We have developed and refined IM’s successful management approach along with its management tools, to suit the content and management needs of organizations and companies from leading local and global industries, who are interested in the implementation of advanced management techniques, which are best suited to employees and managers with extensive and comprehensive education in their field.

Company Services

Management in accordance with organizational values

Instilling values in an organization’s daily routine allows for the establishment and preservation of a stable and unified organizational culture, which serves the organization’s vision and goals.

Guidance for Managers 1:1

The dynamic nature of organizations tends to cause managers all sorts of issues. One-on-One guidance with IM.Tec’s Advisors will allow the organization and its managerial staff to overcome any given crisis.

Manager Training

IM.Tec’s Manager Training is developed based on the given organizational requirements and offers a wide range of tools (both soft and firm) to boost performances in management teams.

Performance Improvement Measurement Systems

Formulation, establishment and implementation of measurement systems to serve as the infrastructure for performance improvement processes.

IM-Style Management

Our core processes are rooted in the implementation of the IM method's management approach and its managerial tools into the organization.

Criteria Method for Recruitment & Training

The Criteria method for Recruitment & Training is a methodology-based sorting system which allows an organization to recruit and train its employees based on both its values and its needs.

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Our Team



Ohad Ganiel

Consultant, Founder & CEO

Ohad has an M.A in Social Sciences (specializing in public policy), as well as a wide range of knowledge and experience both in business-organizational strategies and in the implementation of IM method’s management approach (Values-based Management) and performance measurements. Over the years, Ohad has been integrating and developing advanced management approaches to improve performance, sales management, marketing and organizational development.

Ziv Elron

Social Psychologist & Associate

Ziv holds an M.A. in Social Psychology from the Decision-Making Division at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, and a B.A in Behavioral Sciences from the Tel Aviv Academic College. Ziv is a social-organizational psychologist who specializes in decision-making processes and intra-organizational interpersonal relationships.

Oron Lerner

Consultant, Trainer & Diagnostic Process Manager

Oron has an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from the University of Haifa (2013) with a focus on creativity as a human thought process, in addition to a bachelor’s degree in organizational psychology. Oron has experience and knowledge in the research aspects of sales, service and marketing, as well as in the analysis of business-numeric and human data.

Dr. Irit Sharon

Social Psychologist, Ph.D, Team development & Management Expert

Dr. Sharon has served as a lecturer and researcher in the academic world in the field of Social Psychology. Along with her distinguished academic background, Dr. Sharon also brings her many years of experience in organizational consultancy and guidance. The connection between her extensive theoretical and academic knowledge and her practical experience in the field, working with a wide range of audiences and organizations, comes to the fore when responding and providing solutions to those at senior levels of management in the business world.