How we work

Starting out

We receive and comprehend the vision, values and goals of the organization.



We learn all about the language an organization uses, as well as its job definitions, work interfaces and processes through a series of observations, diagnostic interviews, surveys and more.

Forming recommendations and building a workplan

Processing and analyzing diagnostic materials and establishing recommendations, along with a workplan that aligns with the organization’s identity and business environment.

זהות ארגונית וסביבה עסקית
ניהול השינוי והטמעת תהליכי שיפור ביצועים

Managing change and implementing performance improvement processes

Developing and adapting the organizational structure; establishing job interfaces that suit the organizational strategy; aligning and implementing the organizational values in practice based on the principles of the management method.

Training and development of managers and employees

Providing experiential workshops for executives that include a series of sessions, aimed to provide both familiarity and experience in the successful use of IM method’s management tools.

הכשרה ופיתוח מנהלים ועובדים

1:1 meetings

Scheduling individual counseling and guidance, as well as OJT sessions for managers throughout their management and work routine.

Enjoying the fruits

Better performances, higher output and most importantly – satisfied employees and managers who remain committed to the organization and its goals.

Management Tools

The Criteria Method

Daily Briefing

IM.Pact Conversation

The Achievement Model For Compensation

Assessment & Evaluation Conversations