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IM.Tec from IM-Training's

IM.Tec  is in charge of implementing performance improvement processes in the realms of high-tech, finance and trade. We have developed and refined IM’s successful management approach along with its management tools, to suit the content and management needs of organizations and companies from leading local and global industries, who are interested in the implementation of advanced management techniques, which are best suited to employees and managers with extensive and comprehensive education in their field.

IM’s method involves management theory and performance improvement (operationality and productivity; service and sales) as part of the organizational culture. The method is based on models, knowledge and methodologies derived from behavioral and cognitive sciences, international relations, mediation and conflict resolution, which have been adapted to the realms of management and organizational development. These models, when fine-tuned and adapted to products and services, make management and performance improvement simple for both employees and managers in the organization.

The IM methodology is employed throughout the consultation process, with an emphasis on original, creative thinking that suits your requirements. As part of our goal to inspire change, we use cutting-edge training and techniques, such as the implementation of IM’s management tools, which increase self-efficacy and create an accepting organizational environment, positively influencing productivity among the organization’s staff and management.  

In addition to the method’s implementation, we help the organization lay an infrastructure that allows for growth by refining the collective vision and values, establishing role definitions and work interfaces, strengthening teamwork within the organization and calibrating recruitment processes based on the organizational DNA.

Our goal is to facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and to provide a toolbox with which to motivate the company’s employees and management staff and to expedite the successful achievement of both their own goals and those of their organization.

We offer a variety of services: organizational development, business consulting, training of managers and employees in our methodologies. We know how to fit this to you.

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